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 Hope you are all doing well. Just getting this out in time for the Memorial Day holiday weekend .

 A nice mix of gaming and reading this month.

Russ Lockwood

Russ Lockwood

Battle of Puebla: Cinco El Shako
Tel Me More: Command Decision Tel El Eisa 1942
Picking Pachyderms: LADG
HMGS NextGen: Events
Brax Avoids Death: Traveller Continues
Modern Portugal: GHQ 6mm Vehicles
New Wargame: 1985 Persian Gulf Tanker War
New Wargame: 1813 Battle of Chateauguay
Obituary: Arthur Joseph Fossa: July 21, 1945 – May 2, 2024
Wargame Reprint: A Most Fearful Sacrifice (Gettysburg)
The Egyptian Tomb: Gaming Goodness To Come
Titusville Tabletop Games: New Store

Midway: Double Blind Again

Books I’ve Read

Tanks & Yanks Revisited: Late War 1917-1918
Betting Against America: Axis Powers’ Views
Commanding Old Ironsides: Capt. Talbot
John Nettles’ Jersey: Heroes & Villains
Victory to Defeat: British Army 1918-40
Suffern Versus Hughes: Indian Ocean 1781-3
Mussolini: Mustard Gas and Fascist War
American Eagles: History of USAF 2nd Ed.
Battle for Island Kingdom: England 1000-66
Hitler’s Panzers: Complete History 1933-45
The Pirate Menace: Uncovering Golden Age
Derricks’ Bridgehead: WWII 587 Arty Bttn
Custer: ACW to Little Bighorn
Clan Battles: Warfare Scottish Highlands
The King and His Fortresses: Prussia 1740-86
The Spray and Pray Squadron: WWII China
June 1967 Arab-Israeli Six-Day War: Vol. 1
A German Soldier on the Eastern Front: WWII
NATO and Warsaw Pact AFVs of the Cold War
Stalin’s Falcons: Myth of Soviet Air WWII
U-2 ‘Dragon Lady’ Units: 1955-90 (CA 152)
Hamburg 1940-45: Air Campaign 44
German Tanks in France 1940: New Vang 327
Warships of Pacific 1879-83 War: New Vang 328
The War Underground 1914-18: Elite 256
Union Army 1861-65 (2): Men At Arms 555
Second Punic War Iberia 220-206 BC: Cam 400
US Battle Tanks 1917-1945
Herman Goering: Madrid to Warsaw 1939
Through Blood and Brotherhood: Yugoslavia WWII


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