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Russ as the Lion of Stockton

Russ as the Lion of Stockton

Hope you are all doing well. A little low in quantity for wargaming this month, but quality remained high.



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Kharkov Counter-Attack 1942: Command Decision
1943 Operation Round Up: Another Playtest
Age of Eagles: More Digital Options
NFL Game Day: Are You Ready For Some Football?
Swords Around The Throne: Napoleonic Grand Strategy


Books I’ve Read

To Besiege a City: Leningrad 1941-42
Reaping the Whirlwind: U-Boats Off N.Amer WWI
Charles XII’s Karoliners: Vol. 1 – Uniforms
US Army Combat Historian: WWI to Vietnam
Russian Campaign of 1812: Russian Memoir
Rorke’s Drift: By Those Who Were There V2
Agincourt: Battle of the Scarred King
Rif War: V.2 1922-1927 (Africa at War 62)
Bombers North: Bombers from Australia 1942-45
British Recon Aircraft: 1970s and 1980s
Reconquest of Burma 1944-45: Campaign 390
Sword and Scimitar 1565 (historical novel)
The Anglo Saxon Conquest of England
French Naval Aviation: Modern
Travis Air Force Base: Modern Operations
Aircraft of Red Flag: Air-to-Air Combat Exercise
Colombia: Air Force of Latin America Modern
Junkers JU-88
Black Sunday: Weather Claimed US 5th AF 1944
MiG-21 Fishbed: Dogfight 8
Corregidor 1945: Campaign 325
The Malaysian Emergency: 1949-53 Images of War
Spitfire Photo-Recce Units of World War 2
Burma Victory 1944-1945: Images of War
Motorsport’s Military Heroes: Bravery
Aisne 1914: Battleground
Panzer Leader: Memoirs Armored Car Cmdr
Controlling the Frontier 1806-1828: MuskMax 30
JU-87D/G Stuka vs T-34: Duel 129
Pergatory’s Shore (sci-fi novel)
For the Boys: WWII Nurse Memoir
Japanese Combined Fleet 1941-42 (Fleet 1)
German High Seas Fleet 1914-18 (Fleet 2)
The 406th Fighter Group: Legends of Warfare
The U.S. 37-mm Gun in World War Two

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