Russ Lockwood’s AAR Wargaming, and Book Reviews

It’s a good thing Feb has an “extra” day or else the Feb AAR would’ve been late. Some ancients. Some WWII. Some News. And a lot of book reviews.


AAR February 2024

Doin’ Doughnuts: Romans at Ilerda
A Man With A Plan: And Dice
Historical Ilerda: Adapted From Wikipedia


     Princeton Battlefield Reenactments: 2024
King’s College Wargaming Week: NATO
Seven Years War: Portuguese Dragoons
New Wargame: Remember the Maine (2nd Edition)
New Wargame: Battle of Palmetto Ranch 1865
Adventure Together: 3D Color Printed Minis and Hexes

Fanteria Fantastica: Italians at Serafimovich 1942

Books I’ve Read

The Wars of the Roses: Medieval Art
Waging War in America: 1775-1783 (RtR 120)
Every Hazard And Fatigue: Pensacola 1781 (RtR 123)
The Han-Xiongnu War: 133BC-89AD
Port Arthur 1904-05 Campaign 398
Weapons, Warriors & Battles of Ancient Iberia
Generals and Admirals of the Third Reich
Battle of Bong Son 1966
Batter Their Walls, Gates, and Forts: Cent-Sold109
M48 Patton: Legends of Warfare
The Union Army 1861-65 (1): Men At Arms 553
F-104 Starfighter: Legends of Warfare
Knights of Freedom: WWII Tanker Memoir
Barbarian Warrior vs Roman Legionary (Comb 76)
M42 Duster: Legends of Warfare
USMC Tracked Amphib Vehicles: Legends Warfare
Heinkel HE 162: Drawing Board to Destruction
Czechoslovak Armies 1939-45: Men At Arms 554
The War of 1812: Essential Histories
Tanks Are Coming Through Now: Gazala 1942
Harpoon Missile Vs. Surface Ships: Duel 134
11th Waffen-SS “Nordland” Division
WWII Italian Soft-Skinned Vehicles: Vol. 2
Coalition Armor vs Iraqi Forces: Duel 133
Light Troops in the Seven Years War: RtR 122
Eastern Front 1945: Air Campaign 42
Pacific Profiles: Vol 12 P-51 and F-6
Massacre at Oradour-sur-Glane: WWII
The Battle of Tinian: 1944 (Images of War)
Vandal Heaven: Post Roman North Africa
Solomons Air War: Volume 2 – October 1942
Tailships: US DEs 1970-73 (Europe at War 38)
Kings of Battle: LandCraft 13
The Great Escape From Stalag Luft III
The Killing Ground: A Biography of Thermopylae
Midsomer Murders on Location

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