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Historicon: Russ, Don Featherstone and Steve Phenow. Background left: Greg Scott founder of GHQ Models. MagWeb contained Don’s Wargamers’ Newsletter (72 of 214 issues) and Steve’s Strategikon (6 of 6 issues) in 2009, when MagWeb ended.

Russ Lockwood is most famous for creating the late, great MagWeb website (1996-2009), an on-line archive that eventually contained over 65,000 articles from 162 magazines covering miniatures, board wargames, and other games, plus e-books, reviews, military history, and other information.

Russ continues to write hobby articles, reviews, and books as well as design game systems, including Snappy Nappy miniatures rules and multiple volumes of the Secrets of Wargame Design series. He is also Newsletter Editor for Historical Miniatures Gaming Society, Publications Editor for On Military Matters, and Staff Developer for Against the Odds wargaming magazine.

On Military Matters sells the SN rules and WS books (print and PDF). www.onmilitarymatters.com

You can contact Russ at rlockwood1@chrisparkergames.com

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