August AAR

I don’t usually chime in on Russ’ parade here but for my money (and I have none sorry Russ) this has got to be one of the best ones he has put out.  If you are into Chain of Command he has it covered with two different AAR for different player levels.  For me the best part of this month’s AAR was the section on Wargame Design.  I really enjoyed reading the different insights of designers such as Frank Chadwick.

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Russ Lockwood

Here’s the August AAR, filled with miniatures games, board games, and card games recaps, news, Game Development Thoughts, and an expanded Book Review section. Enjoy!

A Bolshevik Bludgeon: Chain of Command
Enjoyable Chain of Command: Learning the System
East Front Scenario: Chain of Command

WarChest: Abstract Wargame with War of the Roses
WarChest: Quick and Abstract
Dominion: Split
More WarChest: Into the Breach
WarChest Boogie: Dan v. Dennis

News, Views, and Breakthroughs
Snappy Nappy: Down Under Marengo Campaign Video
AHIKS: Wargaming Group Since 1966
Potomac Wargamers: WNPG Con
Gundam Kitchen: South Jersey Battletech Society

Card Mania
Cards Against Humanity: R Rated
CrossTalk: Variation of Password
Dominion: Allies
Saboteur: Online Version at Boardgame Arena

Skirmish Action II: The Streamlining
On My Mind: Editing a Better Game
Admiral in Waiting: WWII Global Naval War

Books I’ve Read

Alexander the Great: Ancient Sources
The Italian Wars: Volume 3 Battle of Pavia 1525
The Aviation Pioneers of McCook Field
The Darkest Hour: Vol 1 1942 Asia at War 31
Salamanca Campaign: 1812
Rebellion in the Middle Ages: Against the Crown
The Battles of El Alamein: BattleCraft 1
Landing Craft and Amphibians: LandCraft 10
M60 Main Battle Tank: TankCraft 37
Nations & Cannons: Core Rules (AWI)
Rogue Elements: Star Trek Picard (sci-fi)
Gladiators: 4th – 1st Centuries BC – Elite 246
Castles in the Sky: Wargame of Flying Battleships
Nations in the Balance: India-Burma 1943-1944
The Second World War Illustrated: The Third Year
PZL TS-11 Iskra bis DF: Single 39
McDonnell F-4B Phantom II: Single 40
Schwerer Personenkraftwagen: Camera On 27
Athenium Trireme vs Persian Trireme: Duel 122
Run Run Cricket Run (Vietnam War novel)
Lost Fleet Beyond Frontier: Dreadnought (sci fi)
Lost Fleet Beyond Frontier: Invincible (sci fi)
Lost Fleet Beyond Frontier: Guardian (sci fi)
Lost Fleet Beyond Frontier: Steadfast (sci fi)
Lost Fleet Beyond Frontier: Leviathan (sci fi)
Lost Fleet Outlands: Boundless (sci fi)
Gloster Javelin: Flying Flatiron
M107/M110: Self-Propelled Artillery 1956-1991
Lt Gen James Longstreet: Innovative Military Strategist
Battle of Malta 1942: Campaign 381
Carrhae 53 BC: Campaign 382
D-Day 1944: Air Campaign 28
The Red Army 1922-41: Men at Arms 546
F2H Banshee Units: Combat Aircraft 141
Hawk Air Defense Missile System: New Vanguard 309
Bf 109D/E: Blitzkrieg 1939-40: Dogfight 3
PZL P.11c: Famous Airplanes Volume 14
Zeppelin Inferno: Forgotten Blitz 1916
Durer’s Fight Book: Renaissance Combat Treatise
Roman Britain’s Pirate King: 286-293 AD
Byzantine Fortifications: Protecting Roman Empire
Life and Death on the Eastern Front: WWII
How to Kill a Tiger Tank: Unpublished Scientific Reports
American Aircraft Development: World War Two Legacy
The Templars at War

Russ Lockwood

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