Medbury Dwarves

New Dwarves From Medbury miniatures LOTR Dwarf Gur-Adur Commanders LOTR Dwarf Saphire Ridges Commanders LOTR Dwarf Gur-Adur Mtd. Clibanarii LOTR Dwarf Gur-Adur Foot Clibanarii Hits: 48

Dark Ages Vendel Era Miniatures

Dark Ages Vendel Era Miniatures From Medbury miniatures Dark Ages – Vendel Era Armoured Casualties Dark Ages – Unarmoured Vendel Era Warriors With Spears 3 Dark Ages – Vendel Era Warriors Kneeling With Spears Dark Ages – Vendel Era Unarmoured Casualties Hits: 77

German Panzergrenadier training film

German Panzergrenadier training film This German PanzerGranadier film, is one of the few surviving training films from the nation during WW2. A film like this, would be to show new recruits, a more basic understanding as to the tactics and typical blunders made, and what to avoid. Panzer Granadier’s were Read more…