Columbia Games – Wizard Kings Gold and Scenarios – Oct 1, 2023

Wizard Kings Gold Blocks
w/ army specific color blocks

The great thing about Wizard Kings is that you can play the type of game you wish and modify it in various ways. The original Wizard King’s gold bundle made all the gold army-agnostic. Gold units could be swapped and used by any army.

Now, we’ve added an optional twist! You can get the gold in army-specific colors! This means scenario creators can now make additional special situations to add new flavor to their battles!

For instance, perhaps dwarven gems are worth more because of their skill at gem cutting, or coins touched by chaos are cursed!

Furthermore, the matching blocks will enhance the built-in fog-of-war even more.Using a caravan as a decoy may be unethical to elves, but orcs could embrace its effectiveness.

We are sure your mind is already at work thinking of the possibilities!

Grab the Wizard Kings
army-specific gold bundle!


Get the original version with all gold colored blocks!



Seven extra scenarios for
Wizard Kings

Wizard Kings is one of our best-selling games. Its vast appeal draws eyes from role-players and war-gamers alike. The fan base is large enough that we have received numerous submissions for new scenarios, and we’ve compiled the best of them here for you to download for free!

Download the free Wizard Kings scenarios!


Wizard Kings Video Tutorial

If you haven’t seen Wizard Kings in action yet, Jim has created a video multi-part tutorial for you to learn the game easily!

Watch the Video Tutorial!


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