I received this e-mail today via the contact me form here on my site.

There is is enough info in it to make it ring true but some of it is way out.

I posted on the Maine Wargamers FB page.

From Dirk Dinkel

From: Dirk Dinkel uvisavargr@protonmail.com

Subject: how sad

Message Body:

how sad, that the name I remember hearing about, “Chris Parker”, who had started a branch/franchise of “The Toy Soldier” waaaaaaay back decades ago, and who would have a complete set of the Follow Me rules (along with the supplement that covered mortar fire) … is such a pathetic website … I was one of the original members of the “Maine Wargamers Association” … I was one of those many  gamers who used to go to the old Toy Soldier store to hang out with other gamers and have fun, way back in late 1977 and 1978 … I also remember seeing many years later that Pete sank a ton of money and effort into the early rip-off card games like “Magic”, and ended up with his gaming shop going out of business … sincerely, an actual former member of the Maine Wargamers Association

Follow Me by Peter Rice


Dirk, if you are real I am sorry you find my website such an insult.


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