D-Day to Berlin Battle Report – Turn 2

Turn 2 starts off with both sides dicing for support artillery and first move.  The number 2 marker reminds us it is Turn 2.    The grey and red die by the “F” are the rolls for first move.  In DDtB the lower the number the better.  The German wins by rolling a 1.  He chooses to take first move.  The German player rolls for one support artillery but fails on the second.  The US player rolls for both and succeeds.

First move determination and support rolls

The Germans now roll their unit activations.  The Recon on the far left flank failed its roll with a “10”.   It has two choices.  Fall back a zone or hold and place a Morale Marker on the HQ.  It chooses to hold and a white Morale Marker is placed next to the HQ Btn. 

T2 German Activation Rolls

The German units are now moved.  The Pzk. IV. group makes a regimental move and assaults the US Btn. in the prepared Position zone to its front.  The Panther group also makes a regimental move and moves up beside the Pzk. IV group in support of the assault.

The Germans lay out their supporting artillery followed by the US side.

Also note a Tiger has arrived and entered the town.  The HQ Btn. has advanced 1 zone.  The Stg has moved out of the town into the HQ zone.

T2 Movement

The assault takes place and dice have been set out to help follow the action.

As in all combat in D-Day to Berlin a Btn. may only be attacked once, all other Btns. involved are supporting Btns.  In this example the white dice represent modifiers for the German side.  The “7” indicates the final number or less the Germans will need to roll to make their hit. 

The Germans start off with the standard 1-5 to hit. 

The blue dice are the same for the US side.  It can add +1 for each unit in the zone (up to +2).  it also adds +2 for each supporting zone (again up to 2 supporting zones).  Finally it adds 3 Btns. of artillery to the fight.  Total for the German is “12”

The defending US Btn. adds +4 for the supporting artillery and +1 for the supporting zone.  Note attackers add +2 per zone while defenders add +1 per zone.

The US total is 5.  This is subtracted from the German “12” leaving “7”. 

The German rolls a 4 and hits the US Btn.  This Btn. must make a Save throw.  It starts with a 1-2 for Inf. and adds +3 for the prepared position  for a total of 5.  It rolls a 3 and passes. This means the US Btn. holds and the German primary unit (MK IV) must make a Save throw.

T2 Assault

Again the white dice are laid out to follow the action.  The Mk IV saves on a 1-5.  It adds +2 for the two supporting units in the same zone.  it needs a 7 to pass.  It rolls a 5 on the D10 and passes.

Since the US Btn. passed and the German passed the assault peters out and the both sides remain in the zones.  Finally the German division HQ takes 3 more Morale Markers due to the attack faltering.  One for each of the Btns. in the attacking zone.

T2 German Save

The US side now rolls it’s activation dice.  I have moved the bases into the shot.  First off the US player rolls to see if the reinforcement Btn. can enter this turn.  It needs a 1-5 but rolls a 6.  The Sherman tank Btn. and infantry Btn. make a regimental move but fail with the roll of a 10.  Again the choices are fall back 1 zone or take 2 Morale Markers.  The US force chooses to hold which places 2 Morale Markers on the HQ Btn.  These are represented by the 2 white markers.

T2 US Activation Rolls

This end game Turn 2.

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