D-Day to Berlin Battle Report – Turn 1

Here is a scenario played recently by myself and my good friend Art.  This is Art’s second battle.  I offered him the German’s as they are the attackers but he wanted to watch how I do an attack.

This game had two divisions preside.  For this post I am only showing the side with the most action.  When we played this game bot sides used all their divisions.

German Panzer Division Forces


US Infantry division

Game Start

At the beginning of each move both sides check for first move determination and then available supporting artillery and air from corps command.  In this game each side had 3 support artillery battalions available.


US Support Turn 1

Germans Move First

Normally at the start of every new game turn both sides go through a die roll to determine who moves first that turn.  The Germans have first move as the scenario dictates.

German Move a Turn 1

German Move 1b

German Move 1b

American Move Turn 1a

US Move Turn 1a

US Move Turn 1b

US Move Turn 1c

US Move is Complete

US Artillery Fire – Ranged Combat

The US player decides to shell the Pzk. IV.  The zone it is in is visible from the Inf. Btn, in its front zone.  This Btn. is in a prepared position and through them the entire division knows of the contents of the German Zone. 

The US will use the onboard artillery Btn. as the firer and support the attack with two of the support artillery Btns. that are available to it.  I always place firing artillery Btn. next to the target to remind myself it is firing or supporting.

The Germans will counter fire with their SPA “Wespe” and two supporting artillery Btns.

To hit any target in combat requires a 1-5 on a d10.  This is modified by +2 for the US supporting Artillery and down 3 by the German supporting artillery.  The d6 shows us the number the US artillery needs to hit.  The red die is their first die roll.  This was over causing no damage.  The US player plays a reroll chit (blue) and rolls again, this time rolling a 4 (blue die) and hitting the German armor.

The Germans make a saving throw to see what damage was caused.  Their save is a 1-5 on a D10.  The roll 4 so no damage was done.

Finally the used artillery cards are flipped over to show they have been sued for the turn and the 105mm model and Wespe model are returned to their actual zones.

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