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From Larry
I have watched your videos and indeed that is what convinced me to order the rule set. I like the fact that this is a living rule set and is constantly improving as you play the game. That is so unlike other rule sets which publish and sort of fade away.  Thank you

I do admit that I am having a difficult time with some of the rules and when you have time, if you could help me understand if what I’m doing is right or wrong, I would greatly appreciate it.

1) In combat, when units assault and have the Weapon Of Choice (WOC), do all units roll using the WOC (1-3) or just the attacking unit? 

  • All rolled dice, EXCEPT any sort of ART roll as WOC (1-3). ART battalions of all types are never WOC and will roll accordingly (1-2).

2) I noticed that the bonus 1d6 disappeared from flank attacks. Only the zone is included (1d6 and no bonus for flank attack). Is this correct?

  • I have been struggling with the concept of flank and rear attacks at this level of play. I am also trying to find ways of keeping the dice rolled to a reasonable number.  With these points in mind I did remove the flank/rear bonus.

3) When Corps assets are used, do you re-roll for them coming back? If so, what morale or roll should they use?

  • Corps assets are re-rolled for every game turn until they are “lost”. Originally both sides rolled simultaneously for assets at the start of each new game turn.  The recent version has changed that slightly.  Now each side rolls for their replacement assets at their start of their half of the game turn.  I feel this adds to the tension of never having enough assets when you need them.  This forces you to think more.
  • On a side note, in previous versions DIV was always available during both players turns so each player would have it available all turn long. I have changed that to be like Corps assets in that once you use them they don’t come back online until the start of your next turn.  Mind you DIV assets do not have to be rolled for to get back.

4) I did like the original combat where you had a base roll and then added and subtracted the various modifiers and with one roll determined the outcome (after saving rolls, of course). I’m confused on the current set with hits, shattered hits, retire and break-off on where and what units are affected. Perhaps you could provide an example of how this occurs? 

  • I liked that system too but I felt it made for a slower game with very little attrition. That version did have shattered and retire outcomes.  The Break-off outcome is the same as a retire but not as far.  Also it was a chore to ask players to remember which battalion was their primary battalion.  Mind you when a battalion is shattered I don’t mean everybody is rendered hors de combat, just that the battalion is no longer a fighting force at that time. 
  • The new system allows more severe results. I find this places more thought by the players before they attack but at the same times seems easier to remember.  As I mentioned under flank attacks I am still struggling with the possibility of too much damage.
  • I plan on doing a screen shot video this week of the combat system as it sits right now.

DDay to Berlin is an excellent game that is far superior to so many operational game rules. While Mustafa’s Rommel is enjoyable, there is just too much book keeping involved. Other rule sets flood the battlefield with too many markers. What you have developed is clean, enjoyable and very worthwhile to play. I just want to make sure that I am enjoying the full quality that DDtB provides.


D-Day to Berlin 5.1 Changes

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