D-Day to Berlin – WWII Corps Level Rules


4th Arm XX Advances

4th Arm XX Advances

I am developing a set of WWII Corps level wargame rules. The inspiration for the game came from KISS Rommel with insight from both Rommel by Sam Mustafa and Great Battles of WWII by Bruce McFarlane.

In this game units are battalions and in some cases company-level detachments. The game is large scale with a turn representing 2-4 hours. A day is 6-8 turns with a night time turn.

I play with 15mm troops with an infantry battalion stand being 50mm x 30mm (Flames of War basing).

The table is divided up into 6″ square blocks called zones.  Each is about 2.3 to 3 miles square.

Players are at a minimum a Division commander with 8-12 battalions and artillery support.

Experienced players can control 2-3 divisions which makes them a corps commander.

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D-Day to Berlin



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