DDtB 5.1 Changes

D-Day to Berlin 5.1

DDtBerlinI have played a number of enjoyable games of D-Day to Berlin recently with other gamers from all over the country using the Vassal Engine (www.vassal.org) .  Thanks to Kent in Ct, Ray in ME, John in MA and Dave in FL. 

I will be sending out the revision to all my DDtB subscribers shortly  in the mean time I am posting my notes here for any that want to ponder them.  If you haven’t subscribed yet what’s stopping you? 

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Before we get to them I would like to again invite anybody interested in playing a game with me remotely to contact me and we can schedule a game.

DDtB Changes

Six Sided DiceConverted DDtB from D10’s back to D6’s . This was due to my changing the combat system from a single D10 die roll to multiple die rolls per combat (aka “hand full of dice”).

Removed all “1” and “6” special rules for the basic game.
Place them all in an optional rule section. I felt that these were cluttering up the rules for first time players. I seemed to constantly saying that now you must roll again because you rolled a “1” or a “6”. Though I really enjoy these rules many don’t so I have made them optional.

In previous versions I had used the Division Morale value to determine if Support ART (Corps and Army) was available. I decided to go with a fixed value based on the nationality. Players and scenarios can of modify this.

US 1-4
British 1-3
German 1-2

As with the Support ART rolls I have changed this to a roll of 1-4 instead of using the Divisional Morale grade. I have decided to keep the random unit roll. This is only used if there are multiple types of battalions in the Shattered pool. In this case if the player rolls a Rally a second roll of 1-4 is required to see if the player may chose the battalion type or if his opponent does. Rallied battalions are still placed in the HQ zone of the Division.


Artillery Support Phase
I changed the ART support roll from the start of a new game turn to the start of a players portion turn. This really adds an edge to the game. Players are now more apt to save their batteries in case they really needed them later.

Divisional Artillery
Changing this to being unavailable after being used also added more decision making by the player. It only reappears at the start of each players turn not every half turn. So if a player moves first in a turn and uses it in an attack it will not be available in his opponents half of the turn.

Due to the proficiency of the US ART I will add an optional rule that allows US Divisional ART that has been used to be available at the start of an opponents turn. This would need a roll of 1-4 on a D6.

I reduced the hit numbers down a bit which seemed to keep the attrition down a little bit.

Weapon Of Choice now hits on a 1-3 (reduced from 1-4)
Those that were not Weapon Of Choice hit on a 1-2

Combat Results (1)

D-Day to Berlin

The number of shattered hits is now determined by the number of hits a side takes, divided by two and rounded down.
The remaining hits are either retire or break-off.

Combat Results (2)
The first hit (or hits) on an attacking or defending zone must be a shattered result (if any were taken). If not then a retire or break-off result must be applied to that zone.

Additional shattered, retire and break-off results may then be placed on those zones and/or applied to other supporting zones.

ART may also take either result. Shaken removes ART from the game as lost, retire, and break-off results forces Div ART to retire and Corps ART to be lost.


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