Fall In!® 2022







Myself and my brother David  plan on attending Fall In!® 2022 as a vender.  We will arrive on Thursday and set up.  I will have two tables and will be selling printed versions of my rules and limited Plastic miniatures.

I plan on show casing what I can print and will have lots of figures printed in both 28mm and 40mm scales for gamers to look at.

I also plan on running two games.  Most likely one Day of Battle and one D-Day to Berlin.

Here is the time table for Fall In!® 2022 compliments of Russ Lockwood.

Fall In!® 2022 will be held at the Wyndham Lancaster Resort and Convention Center, aka, the Lancaster Host.

9/5/2022 Deadline to have game listed in PEL

9/23/2022 PEL Published

9/26/2022 Online/Mail In Attendee Registration Opens

11/2/2022 Online Event Selection Closes – Tickets available onsite

11/3/2022 Onsite Registration Opens 4 pm
11/4/2022 Fall In! 2022 Convention

11/5/2022 Fall In! 2022 Convention

11/6/2022 Fall In! 2022 Convention

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