February After Action Report – Russ Lockwood

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After Action Report Newsletter — February 2023
Convention Recap: NJ Game Day (LeeCon) 2022
HMGS Next Gen News: Multiple Events
Potomac Wargamers/NOVAG Game Day: Jan. 28, 2023
I’ve Been Raabed: Command and Colors Napoleonics
Dominion: Another Pair of Card Games
Cold Shower: Cmd Decn Operation Typhoon 1941
Abington Wargame Flea Market: March 19, 2023

Books I’ve Read:
Rome to the Po River: German 362nd Inf. Div 1944-45
Tac Recon: USAF Tactical Recon WWI to Gulf War
A Pair of Aces and a Trey: WWI Observation
Combat Divers: Illustrated History Special Forces
The Shogun’s Soldiers: Volume 1 1603-1721
Leading Like the Swamp Fox: AWI Francis Marion
The Soviet High Commands: Peace and War 1941-1992
Congo Mercenary: 1964-1965
The Meuse Heights to the Armistice: Sep-Nov 1918
Blood & Broken Glass: Northern Ireland 1991-93
New Pompeii (sci-fi novel)
Jedburghs: Set Europe Ablaze 2 (hist. WWII novel)
Baghdad Blues (Historical Modern Iraq novel)
Lavochkin La-7: Monographs 88
The Mighty Eighth: Masters Over Europe 1942-45
America’s Few: Marine Aces of the South Pacific
Bristol Blenheim: TopDrawings 130
Fiat G.55 Centauro: TopDrawings 131
Lockheed F-104 Starfighter: Kit Build 8
Panzers on the Battlefield 3: WWII Photobook 23
Onwards to Omdurman: 1896-98 (Musket to Maxim 26)
The King in the North: Picts of Portriu and Ce
Hitler’s Air War in Spain: Rise Luftwaffe
Russian S-300 and S-400 Missile Systems (NVgd 315)
Mongol Warrior vs European Knight (Combat Men 70)
Soviet Naval Infantry 1917-91 (Elite 249)
Naval Battle of Crete 1941: Campaign 388
F-4 Phantom II Wild Weasel Units: Combat Aircraft 147
Afghanistan 1979-88: Air Campaign 35
ANZAC Soldier vs. Ottoman Soldier: Combat 68
Waffen-SS Soldier vs Soviet Rifleman: Combat 71
H6K Mavis/H8K Emily vs PB4Y-1/2 Liberator: Duel 126
12th SS Panzer Division: Goodwood to April 1945
Soviet Destruction of Army Group South: 1943-1945
World War II Snipers: The Men, Their Guns, Stories

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