Columbia Games – Dixie – Eagles – Bull Run – Waterloo – May 4, 2023


Dixie: Bull Run, Dixie: Shiloh, and Eagles: Waterloo, individual cards sales to be discontinued

At the end of May, Columbia Games will be discontinuing the sale of single cards for our Dixie/Eagles card game series. While we will no longer be selling individual cards, our normal decks, which include a random selection of cards, will continue to be available for purchase.

We understand that many of you have enjoyed playing Dixie over the years and have been looking forward to completing your collection. This is your final opportunity to do so! We encourage you to take advantage of this chance before it’s too late.

We appreciate your loyalty and support for Dixie and thank you for being a part of our community. We hope that you continue to enjoy the game with your complete collection.

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