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Russ Lockwood

Russ Lockwood

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The days are getting longer and so is my lawn, so I better send out this month’s AAR now and use the daylight to fire up the mower…

Here’s what’s in April’s AAR:

Raabid Combat: Shako II 1809 Wargame
The Unpredictable French Cavalry: Raab
Return of the Jedi: I Fly The X-Wing Again
Battle of Red, Battle of White: War of the Roses Tonight
Fantasy Battle: Simple Field of Glory
Face The Nation: Die Tosses of Fate
Historicon 2022: Attendee Number Correction
Fall In! 2022: ConDir After Action Report
Cold Wars ADLG Tourney: More Recaps
Balkans Gambit: More Info
AHIKS: Battle of Midway Analysis
Clash of Carriers: ATO Magazine Wargame Release
Accurate Simulations: New Wargame Company
Follow Up DBWR: Roses Renewed

Books I’ve Read:

Road to Barbarossa: Soviet-German Relations 1917-1941
Wars of the Roses: People, Places and Battlefields
Kitchener and the Dardanelles Campaign: Vindication
Russia’s Five-Day War: Georgia 2008 (Elite 250)
Bounty HM Armed Vessel 1787: ShipCraft 30
Forgotten Heroes: WWII Hungarian Aces
100 Greatest Battles
South China Sea 1945: TF 38 – Air Campaign 36
US Destroyers vs. German U-Boats: Duel 127
Assault on the Gothic Line 1944: Campaign 387
Soviet Tanks in Manchuria 1945: New Vanguard 316
Nambu Pistols: WWII Handguns Japan – Weapons 86
The Ark (sci fi)
Invasion: Book 1 Contact (sci fi)
The Stars Now Unclaimed (sci fi)
Dark Waters, Starry Skies: Solomons Mar-Oct 1943
Panzer III North Africa 1942-1943: TankCraft 40
Panzer Reconnaissance
Through Bitter Seas (WWII novel)
Dictionary of Fortifications: Illustrated


Russ Lockwood

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