Holy German Knights Batman! 

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Fireforge Games Teutonic Knights Figure Set

A belated but heartfelt thank you to my amazing brother David for his German Knights gift.

How many gamer’s can say that they actually got painted soldiers on their birthday?  Well I did.

David hired the talented Peter Rice from Change of Command to paint these wonderful figures, then Peter mailed them to me.  Peter’s painting is world renown for their amazing detail.  I highly recommend him so check him out.

You can visit Peter’s website here >>>

About Peter Rice

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Peter Rice

I would like to add that Peter is the author of “Follow Me” from the 70’s. 

He also owned the Toy Soldier originally in Bath Maine. 

Check out this post on Wargaming in Maine >>>

Follow Me by Peter Rice

Follow Me by Peter Rice

Back to the subject.  The miniatures Peter used is a a set from Fireforge Games. 

The set was the Teutonic Knights – 28mm Hard Plastic Figures

Fireforge Games Knight Strip

You get 12 mounted knights in the box.  These are easy to assemble and look great.  I had all ready had started to convert my metal troops to plastic for use with my rules Day of Battle.  I have used a lot of Fireforge Games figures all ready but I hadn’t done this set yet.


Fireforge Games Teutonic Knights

$48.45 on Amazon

A Bit On Assembly

As I noted above I have slowly been converting my medieval armies from metal to plastic.  I find it a bit fiddly putting the new plastic figures together.  The most difficult part is holding them while the glue dries.  I found traditional modelers cement to stringy and took to long to dry.  I also didn’t the Crazy Glue type that worked so well on my metal troops glued my fingers to the plastic.  Then I recalled Plastruct from my early days as a gamer.


Plastruck Weld

Plastruct Weld Plastic Model Glue

$9.19 on Amazon

Plastruct Weld is amazing stuff.  It literally melts the parts into one piece in about a second and it only works on plastic!

I will never assemble plastic figures again with anything else.  Here is a quick link, please take a look at it.  Your click helps keep this blog and website going.

So there you have it, a great painted gift for my birthday from my brother David, painted by my wargame mentor Peter Rice.  Some great new miniatures from Fireforge Games and a solution to assembling plastic miniatures using Plastruct.

Until next time, keep rolling your dice.

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