Help Needed Moving Art Fossa’s Aide De Camp Books

Art Fossa

From Mark T., aka The Gamepoet

Hello folks!

This Saturday, June 22 at 9am, at 43 Donica Road in York Maine, I am organizing the packing up of the late Art Fossa’s books and games and such.

I have a few volunteers currently, although could use a few more as well, it is a fairly sizeable project.

Besides providing lunch, which will likely be pizza (including veggie), there will also be liquid refreshments for the whole day, I am also providing $25 per hour in books and games.  “Shopping” can take place first or as the items are being packed too, and I’m not going to get hung up on a few dollars here or there either.  Most of this is going to be boxing up books and games, and you can feel free to stay as short or as long as you’d like.

If you’re interested in helping out, could you reply to this email?  I could definitely use more help, and if you’re aware of others who’d be willing to help, that’s ok too.

Plus … I suspect Art would appreciate this as well, especially since we’re helping out his wife Nancy get her house ready for sale.

Thank you much,

Mark T.

Those interested in helping can contact me via the contact form here and I will send you Mark’s contact info to let him know.

Thank you

Chris Parker

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