A Virtual Wargame Convention


We have the last chance for sign-ups before the “Hold the Line: A Virtual Huzzah!” con starts tomorrow.


It runs for 3 days, and there are still some open spots in the games.

I am personally running three events.

Friday night at 7PM and again on Saturday night at 8PM will be a D-Day to Berlin game based on the relief of Bastogne by the 3rd army. I will use Zoom with two webcams to switch from one side to the other.

Scale is 15mm.

On Sunday at 10AM I am running a 40mm AWI game of Guilford Courthouse. ironically the rules I am using is “Hold the Line” by Worthington games. This is played on a hexed table.

Many vender’s are offering a discount during the convention. I am offering 20% off all products on my website –


Use code MHZJGUEX at checkout.

Hold The Line Virtual Convention

Hold The Line Virtual Convention

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