January After Action Report – Russ Lockwood

Russ Lockwood

Russ Lockwood

Ah, the beginning of a new year in wargaming! I’m looking forward to a number of conventions small and large. Hope you are, too.

This issue contains a variety of articles recapping and analyzing miniatures, hex boardgames, and card games, plus the usual array of book reviews. On a personal note, this issue contains my “1,000th Book Review.” I hope you continue to find all of the below informative and entertaining and maybe just a wee bit inspirational.


Happy New Year! And enjoy!

Big Siege at Lille: Age of Marlborough
Settlers of Hawaii: Catan
Dominion: “Forbidden Treasures”
NJ Game Day and Flea Market: Feb. 4, 2023
Potomac Wargamers/NOVAG Game Day: Jan 28, 2023
Wasp-Waisted Bulge: WWII Command Decision
Monsters on the Loose: Team Titan
Timoshenko’s Attack: WWII Squad Leader Scenario
The Moose Is Loose: Moose Master Card Game
From The Overall French Commander:
Snappy Nappy Observations
Got Any Corps? Go Waterloo Quelle Affaire
Close, But: Post-Game WQA Rules Re-Read
3D Printed STuG III: Sample
WWII Tank vs. Tank Playtest: Skirmish Action II

Books I’ve Read: 1,000th Review

Warplanes of the Third Reich: 1,000th Review
Far Distant Ships: Blockade 1793-1815 (RR86)
Stalingrad Airlift 1942-43: Air Campaign 34
To Save an Army: The Stalingrad Airlift
Caesar’s Civil War: Essential Histories
Post-Roman Kingdoms: AD 450-800 (Elite 248)
Infantry Antiaircraft Missiles: Weapon 85
US Soldier vs Chinese Soldier: Combat 59
Thieves of Mercy (ACW naval novel)
The Genius Plague (sci-fi)
The Italian Wars: Vol. 4 Ceresole 1544
Panzers in Normandy: Then and Now
Chinook Crew Chick: Female RAF Crew Member
The Last Cavalry Sword
2 CM FLAK 28 & 30: Camera On 28
Killing Hitler’s Reich: Austria 1945
American Interceptor: USN Convoy Fighters
Eagles of Destiny: Vol. 1 Pakistan AF 1947-1956 (Asia at War 38)

Russ Lockwood

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