Lot’s of New Videos On Our YouTube Channel

I’m not sure if my readers know that I have a YouTube channel?

Over the years I have put up the occasion video about my game designs, BATT REPS or sometimes (like the STG video) just redone videos that I felt ere easier for people to both find and enjoy.

Since I have become very involved in Print on Demand I felt it might be a good idea to use some AI skills and start putting up product videos.

As an FYI, I have over 500 different products here in the shop and most of them are available in multiple scales.

As of today I have 10 new videos posted.  My goal is to keep them at or around 1 minute in length.

The consist of great pictures from the designers and then a little audio read to you about each.

I have had pretty good reviews so far of the idea.  I post them primarily on my Face Book group and other groups their that I subscribe to where I think the readers might be interested.

I thought I would take a moment and post the newer video links here for those of you that haven\t seen them.  i really feel the use of the trade images help bring out the beauty of these miniatures.

I also hope you will take a moment to visit the channel and like and subscribe.

Many Thanks Chris

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