Medbury LOTR and Dark Ages Miniatures

Lots of awesome goodies with this release.

The collection includes a new Beowulf miniature as well as Elven City Pikemen.

Remember these miniatures are all available in 28mm, 40mm and 54mm.

Come on let’s get Medieval:)


Dark Ages – Huscarl Spearmen At Rest

Dark Ages – Beowulf (2)

Dark Ages – Hrothgar And Unferth

Dark Ages – Wiglaf – Hero

Dark Ages – Heardred – Hero

Dark Ages – Vendel Era Banner Bearer

Dark Ages – Wulfgar & Æschere Heroes

Dark Ages – Wulfgar & Æschere Heroes


LOTR – Torgorod City Guard With Spears


LOTR – Torgorod Commanders (command set)


LOTR – Torgorod Sappers



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