Medbury Miniatures Romano Orc Command

All available in 28mm, 40mm and 54mm 🙂

How’s that for a header?  I hope it was enough to get you to read on 🙂

A while back Medbury released a number of Orcs in Roman style armor and shields.

As I was doing my Orc army for my Battle Masters project I fell in love with them.

I painted up a single unit of 5 miniatures and used them as my “fighting Uruk-hai.


So in closing I hope you like these as much as I do and ask anybody that really knows me they will tell you Chris ain’t a fantasy guy 🙂

Orc Legionnaire Standard Bearer and drummer

LOTR – Orc Standard and drummer

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LOTR – Orc Uruk-hai Axemen

LOTR – Orc Uruk-hai Swordsmen


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