RIP – Peter Llewellyn Rice

JANUARY 5, 1942  JANUARY 25, 2023

Farmingdale, ME – Peter Rice, aged 81, from East Boothbay, Maine died January 25, 2023.

A Renaissance Man and Vietnam Veteran of many talents, he taught and mentored the young and old in the US Army, Searsport High School, and proprietor of the Toy Soldier in Bath, Maine. His greatest admonishment was “Pass it On.”

He is survived by his wife, Andy Alley, his sons; James Rice, Joshua and Caleb Alley; former wife Rebbecca; nieces Chelle and Patricia; his grandchildren Nathan, Michael, Toby, Zackeri, Garreth, Sarah, Ryan, Keara, and Kaelyn.

A Celebration of Life was held last August while he was still with us and family will scatter his ashes this summer.

Donations may be made to the Wounded Warriors Project.

At ease, Captain. You are Relieved

Obituary >>>

Wargaming in Maine >>>
I wanted say that Peter and Ray Estabrook are both responsible for the wargamer that I am today. As for many of you out there Peter was a lightning rod for us who were interested un this hobby and looking for a way to pursue.
To Peter I was always his “tall Arian Blond type” especially when playing “Follow Me”.
I recall one time when he was past 50 he said to me, we are now at the points in our lives when people close to us start dying. Another memory is at a Main Con so many years ago. I was running a historical miniatures game and there was a loft above us and the kids up there were playing D&D. I started to chant D&D over and over again with a few others in an attempt to make fun of those playing the game. Ray and I had by then opened the Toy Soldier in Newburyport. Peter cam up to me and whispered “remember what side of your bread the butter is on”.. Chuckled and walked away.
Perhaps others would like to share a moment they had with Peter.

I remember back when Don Lowry originallymoved to Maine from st. Loius and coming up when he war runnign conventions. (A ellow gameer from MIT was originally from St Louis and knew from Don from that time.) And then remember when the Rices (I think it was Pete and his brother) took over from Don.

Seems so long ago (and I guess it really was).

Chris B.

A giant of New England War gaming has entered the sacred halls of Toy Soldier Valhalla. First time I talked to him was on my lunch hour and we talked for more than an hour about the Battle Gettysburg. He connected me with you Chris at the Wainfleet school in February of 1982 I believe. The rest is History.

I salute the legacy of Peter Rice.

John M.

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