June After Action Report – Russ Lockwood

Russ Lockwood

Russ Lockwood

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Brittany Hill 103: Command Decision 1944
Medieval Germans vs SubSaharan Malians: ADLG
Steve’s Game Day: Space Base and Quacks of Quedlinburg
Frontier Rumble: Song of Drums and Tomahawks
6th Armored Drive In Brittany: Leave a Message
HMGS 2023 Board Election Results
Game Review: Desert Storm: The Hundred Hour War
Desert Storm Air War: Perspectives & Prospects 2002
Biding Time on Thebus: Brax – Traveller RPG
The Treasure Ship Caper: Traveller RPG
On My Mind: Little Wars TV Ideas
Ramming Speed: Greek Trireme Battle

Books I’ve Read:

The Battle of Rocroi: 1643 (Century of the Soldier # 94)
Men of Armor: US B Co, 756 Tank Bttn – Vol. 2
Alpini: Italian Mountain Troops 1872-Present
Battle of Leyte Gulf: Largest Sea Battle
The Shogun’s Soldiers: Vol. 2 (Century of the Soldier # 99)
HMS Formidable: Arthur Flint’s War (WWII)
Armies of the Italian Risorgimento: 1848-1870
The Hundred Years War: 1337-1453 (Ess Hist)
Italian Campaign 1941-1945: Images of War
Brit Frigates and Escort DDs 1939-45 (NV319)
Confronting Napoleon: Vol. 1 Pultask to Eylau
US Marine Corps 1775-1859 (Elite 251)
Tanks in Operation Bagration 1944 (NV 318)
The Redcoats of Wellington’s Light Division
Hydaspes 326BC: Campaign 389
Battle of Gettysburg 1863 (2): Campaign 391
The Spy From Place Saint-Sulpice (novel)
Skyfarer: The Drifting Lands 1 (fantasy novel)
Into Deepest Space (sci-fi novel)
Operation Rype: WWII OSS Mission Norway
Captain Empirical (sci-fi novel)
The Philadelphia Campaign: 1777
Such a Clash of Arms: Maryland Campaign 1862
Men and Machines (sci-fi short stories)
Military Low-Level Flying: From F-4 to F-35
8th SS Cavalry Division Geyer: Images of War
Stalingrad: Death of an Army – BattleCraft
The Historical Atlas of the British Isles


Russ Lockwood

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