April After Action Report – Russ Lockwood

Russ Lockwood

Russ Lockwood

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Here’s the latest newsletter for your gaming pleasure with ACW, British Colonial (The Men Who Would Be Kings), and Fantasy wargaming actions, the continuing Traveller RPG adventures of Brax and company, Tank Museum and other spots, and the usual group of book reviews.

The Memorial Day holiday is coming up and I hope you make some time for gaming of all types.


Runnin’ With The Devil: ACW Regiments
Historical Vacation: A CT and MA Week
Brax Rests Up: Traveller Space Battle
Simple Fields of Glory: Fantasy Battle
Gateway Game Day: June 24 – Abington, PA
Aerocatures: Jet Card Game and WWII Book
Lost in Translation: Hengist
WingSpan: Hello, Hello, Birdie
Ukraine Wargame: First Look
Battle of Ginnis: The Dice Who Would Be Kings (British Colonial)

Books I’ve Read:

Carthage At War: Punic Armies c814-146 BC
Japanese War Fantasy 1933: Future US-Japan War
Tiger Loose on an Ice Floe: 1914 Indian Brigade
Men of Warre: 1460-1600 Retinue to Regiment #16
Hellenistic Naval Warfare and Warships 336-30 BC
British vs German Coastal Weapons: Duel 125
2 CM FLAK 38 & Flakvierling 38: Camera On 29
Brit Lt Inf vs. Patriot Rifleman: Combat Men 72
Nakajima Ki-49 ‘Helen’ Units: Combat Aircraft 148
Henschel HS 126: Camera On 30
US Navy 1883-2019: V4 Pt1: Torp Boats, Destroyers
Battles of the Wars of the Roses
Boeing F-15 E/K/SG Strike Eagle: Duke Hawkins 26
Boeing B-1B Lancer: Duke Hawkins 27
Byzantine Cavalryman vs. Vandal Warrior: Combat 73
7TP: Vehicle Single No. 02
Tiger I: Vehicle Single No. 06
Armies of the Roman Republic: 264 – 30 BC
Bf 109 Jabo Units in the West: Combat Aircraft 149
The Dacians and Getae at War: Men-at-Arms 549
The Meadowlands: Wilderness Adventure
The Good Captain: Personal Memoir of America at War
HALO: The Flood (sci-fi)
Tales of Urath: Book 1 Of Dragons and Drakes
Bazooka Charlie: Maj. Carpenter and Rosie Rocketeer
A Photo History of Amphibious Warfare: 1939-1945
Warship 2023
Dragoons and Dragoon Operations 1638-1653 (Century of Soldier 99)


Russ Lockwood

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