Russ Lockwood’s AAR June 24


Summer’s here. Hope you are planning to include a bit of gaming, and maybe a convention or two, into your plans.

Here in the US, I’ll wish you a Happy 4th of July holiday in advance. In the meantime, here’s the June AAR with all its gaming goodness.


 After Action Report Newsletter — June 2024

Chain of Dice: WWII Skirmish
Chain of Dice: The Umpire’s View
Chain of Requests: More Chain of Command (CoC)
Familiar, Yet Surprised: CoC
More CoC Thoughts: By the Umpire
Reflections: Connected CoC Games
CoC: Experience and Tactics

Martian Spreadsheet: Terraforming Mars

1941 Battle of Alytus: Command Decision

HMGS Next Generation
1429 Joan of Arc: Darien CT Library
Sci-Fi Father’s Day: New Canaan CT Library
1429 Joan of Arc: Greenwich CT Library

Game Master of the Year 2024: HMGS Award
Early 14th Century English Archers: New Figures
Update: Source Pre-Colored Hex System and TimeStrike
New Wargame: ECW Volumes 3 and 4
HMGS: 2024 Election Results
Knights of Freedom: More WWII Photos
New Wargame and Books: Bloody Omaha

Point Breeze: Joseph Bonaparte’s NJ Exile

Books I’ve Read
Countdown to D-Day: The German Perspective

Tanks on Iwo Jima: 1945 (New Vanguard 329)
The Battle of Thapsus: 46BC

Soviet War in Afghanistan: 1979-1989 (EurWar 50)
The German Way of War: Tactical Management

The Hill: Brutal Fight for Hill 107 on Crete
Armies of the Normans: 911-1194

Caesar’s Gallic Wars: 58-50BC (Essent Histories)
Haunted War Tales: True Military Encounters

The Siegfried Line: Then and Now
1217: The Battles That Saved England

Operation Allied Force 1999: NATO Air in Kosovo
Manfred Von Richthofen: Red Baron

Admiral Canaris: Hitler’s Chief of Intelligence
Army of Transylvania: 1613-1690 (CentSold 115)

The Typhoon Truce 1970: Vietnam
World’s Greatest Escape Stories

Japan Runs Wild 1942-1943: War in the Far East
Inside the Roman Legions: 264-107 BCE

Belleau Wood and Vaux: June 1-26 1918, Jul 1, 1918
Clash of Crowns: The Battle of Byland 1322

Surviving Three Shermans: With the 3rd Armored Div
Panzer III vs T-34: Duel 136

Hitler’s Gold: Nazi Loot and How It Was Laundered
Jamestown 1622: Campaign 401

King George’s Army: Vol 2 – British Regts 1793-1815
Bf 109E: Battle of Britain (Dogfight 12)

Destruction Imperial Army: Vol. 2 – Battles Metz
The Beagle Conflict: Volume 1 (LAmer at War 36)

Destruction Imperial Army: Vol. 3 – Sedan Campaign
The Beagle Conflict: Volume 2 (LAmer at War 39)

The Army of the Kingdom of Italy: 1805-1814
Far From Suitable? Haig, Gough and Passchendaele
Germany’s French Allies: 1941-45 (MAA 556)

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