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I know, I’m a little late with the July issue. I blame the wealth of wargaming at Historicon. It took me a while to put it all together along with some other articles and all the book reviews.

Russ Lockwood

Russ Lockwood


Historicon 2023: Gaming Up A Storm
Snappy Nappy: Russia 1812 Campaign Day
Old Favorites: Dealer Area And More
Tournaments: Photo Gallery
Walkabouts: Photo Gallery
Digression: PELA Awards
Back in Walkabout Action: Photo Gallery
Hail of Fire: Kursk 1943
Star Schlock: Dealer Demo Game
Hotel Room: Wall Art Game Board?
GameMaster of the Year: Martyn Kelly
Pour Encourager Les Autres (PELA) Awards
HMGS Fall In! 2023: November 3–5, 2023


Let’s Scarper: Traveller RPG – Wanted Dead or Alive
Operation RoundUp Playtest: 1943 Invasion

Books I’ve Read:


Battle of the Cities: East Front Urban Warfare
Before Augustus: Collapse of the Roman Republic
German Peasants’ War 1524-26: Retinue to Regt 17
Panzers of Prokhorovka: 1943 Citadel
F-8 Crusader Vietnam 1963-73: Dogfight 7
Albuera Eyewitness: 16 May 1811
Roman Special Forces and Special Ops
Midway Submerged: Submarine Ops May-June 1942
Naval Battles of WWII: Atlantic and Mediterranean
US Naval Aviation 1945-2003: Images of War
Javelin Rain (Sci fi novel)
The Space Merchants (sci-fi novel)
Time Travelers Strictly Cash (sci-fi novel)
The American Revolution 1774-83: Essen Histories
John Hampden and Battle of Chalgrove 1643
El Salvador: Volume 1 Latin America at War 32
Dutch-Indonesian War 1945-49: Men at Arms 550
The SVD Dragunov Rifle: Weapon 87
War in Ukraine 2022: Europe at War 28
Early Pacific Raids 1942: Campaign 392
History of Jungle Warfare: Early Days to Vietnam
Covert Radar and Signals Interception
Nazi Spies & Collaborators in Britain 1939-1945
Rooks in Afghanistan: SU-25 ’81-85 Asia War 42
The Reichstag Fire: Case Against Nazi Conspiracy
Nine Lives of the Flying Tiger: Asia at War 43
Rommel’s Afrika Korps in Colour: WWII Photography
Texian Volunteer vs Mexican Soldier: Combat 74
Real Weathering: Reference for Military Modellers
US Navy Protected Cruisers 1883-1918: New Vngd 320
Allied Tanks at El Alamein 1942: New Vanguard 321
P-47 Razorbacks of 8th AF Colours
German Self-Propelled Artillery 1940-45: Images War
The Battles of King Arthur
The Roman King Arthur? Lucius Artorius Castus

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