Russ Lockwood’s Newsletter 4.2.22

About Russ Lockwood

About Russ Lockwood

I wanted to mention to my readers (and thank you for sticking with me) that my friend and editor Russ Lockwood puts out an amazing, FREE pdf newsletter almost every month.  You may have seen me submit posts from some previous ones he has sent me.

This Months Table Of Contents

1. Samurai Invade Renaissance Korea: Fields of Glory
2. Return of Von Lockwood: Normandy Command Decision
3. Spanish Civil War Card Game: Improved Prototype
4. Kursk Playtest: The Art of Armored Warfare
5. Clash of Carriers: Turkey Shoot Intro
6. GDW Imperium: Blast from the Past
7. Imperium: Empires in Conflict
8. Spanish Civil War Card Game: Three Players
9. Snappy Nappy TTS: 1809 Conclusion

Snappy Nappy

Snappy Nappy

And Man Can Russ Can Read

Books I’ve Read
On To Stalingrad: Die Wehrmacht im Kampf Dec. 1942
US Army Combat Engineer Vehicles: 1980 to the Present
Charles X’s Wars: Volume 1 1655-1660
British Aircraft of World War One
Wellington’s Cavalry and Technical Corps: 1800-1815
USS Indianapolis: CA-35: Legends of Warfare
The Battle of Gettysburg 1863 (1): Campaign 374
Hitler’s Court: Third Reich Inner Circle
The Forgotten American Volunteer Group: 1932
P-51B/C Mustang: Northwest Europe 1943-44 (Dogfight 2)
The Vietnam War: 1956-1975 (Essential Histories)
The Silent Service in World War II
The U-Boat War: Global History 1939-1945
The Paras in Iraq: Operation Telic 1
SS Foreign Divisions: Baltic States (ImagesWar) 1941-45
Out of the Dark (sci-fi novel)
Halbe 1945: Eyewitness Accounts from Hell’s Cauldron
Mauser Rifles: Volume 2 – 1918-1945
7 Seconds to Die: 2nd Nagorno-Karabahk War
Fubuki-Class Destroyers: WWII IJN (Legends of Warfare)
Everything Worked like Clockwork: UK Mech 1918-1942
Soldiers of Fortune: Elite 244
Hawker Hurricane IIC: Single No. 36
Lebanese Civil War: Volume 2 (Middle East at War 41)
The Battle for Tinian: Vital Stepping Stone

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