$3 Books on My Greenknight4 eBay Store

$3 Books on My Greenknight4 eBay Store

Chris Parker's eBay StoreI have added a new product page on my eBay store called

$3 Dollar Books

  • Here you will find interesting books all priced at or below $3.00
  • My real goal is to move them out to people that might find them of interest. 
  • My only goal really is to cover my shipping and handling and make a $1.00
  • As always i do combine shipping.

Thank you

Chris Parker

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My New eBay Store

Greenknight4 Games and Hobbies eBay Store

I have just reopened my eBay store and at this time have many items listed there.  Categories include miniatures both painted and unpainted.  Wargame rules and board games.  I even have dozens of Sgt. Rock Comic books listed.

I hope you will have a look while you are having your coffee or cocktail. 

Thank you


>>>  Link to my eBay store


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