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The Danish Army of the Napoleonic Wars: 1801-1814 Volume 2

by David A Wilson. Softcover
(11.25×11.75 inches). 153 pages.
Subtitle: Organization, Uniforms, and Equipment — Cavalry and Artillery. Reason and Revolution series No. 61.


The Danish Army of the Napoleonic Wars

The Danish Army of the Napoleonic Wars


Regiment by regiment, the Danish Army’s cavalry and artillery receive minute attention to organization, uniforms, and equipment. No battles, here, just pure information for the gamer and modeler. Also includes some info on the Marines and Navy.

The book contains 57 color plates that offer 111 uniform, 150 equipment, 16 standards, 23 artillery, 10 wagon/limber, and 14 horse teams illustrations.

Pair this with Volume 1, the infantry (reviewed in the June 2020 After Action Report and also posted on, and you have an incredible aggregation of information about the Danish Army in the Napoleonic era. Note that a volume 3 is mentioned that will cover militia, additional artillery, and Norwegian forces.

Enjoyed it.

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From the Publisher

This book was written to provide an in-depth study of the Danish and Norwegian armies of the Napoleonic Wars. The goal was to provide a working document which is as accurate as possible, covering the uniforms of these armies, their weapons and their evolution as well as their colors and a look at their basic tactics. Although this is principally a uniform book, historical background is also provided to place the details in their context.

This second volume looks in depth at the regular cavalry and field artillery covering all aspects, organization, uniforms, arms and equipment, in particular cannon, limbers, and wagons, with 54 original full color plates.

The fortress and coastal artillery are not forgotten, as with one of the longest coastlines in Europe compared to the size of the country it was more important than in most countries.

Unlike the few other works in English this book has been conducted with the assistance of respected Danish historians, as well as Norwegian and German historians.

$40 on Amazon if not available locally.

Available from On Military Matters.

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