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The second booklet in Guidon Game’s Wargamer’s Guidebook Series came out around April 1972, and reprinted articles from The Avalon Hill General, International Wargamer, and Panzerfaust, collected by Don Greenwood.

These are all about the original 1965 Avalon Hill release of the game, though there is also a review of Guidon Games’ variant Operation Greif.


Wargamer's Guide to The Battle of the Bulge

Wargamer’s Guide to The Battle of the Bulge


Introduction (Don Greenwood)
Before the Bulge (James F. Dunnigan)
Operation Greif (Lawrence Schmidt)
On the Way to Antwerp (Bob Hultman)
Baron von der Heydte Jumps Again (Craig Alder)
Bulge Follow-Up (G. Phillies)
Allied Defense in Bulge (Len Lakofka)
Bulge Commentary (Chuck Lane)
How to Lose at Bulge (Myrun Brudnage)
How to Capture Antwerp Without Really Trying (Richard Shagrin)
Bulge: Isolation & Supply (Mike Carr)
Key to German Victory in Bulge (Joseph Pollock)
Exploiting the Initiative in Bulge (Don Lowry)
Seizing the Initiative in Bulge (Don Lowry)

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Ok I need to give some serious atta boys to the people at the Fox Den who are releasing these products of Don Lowry.

A while back I bought the issue that announced the selling of Lowrys Mail Order to Peter Rice and then becoming The Toy Soldier. I was a bit disappointed that what I wanted to read was less than a single page. I skimmed the magazine and filed it feeling that $5 USD was over the top.

When I saw this release of the old Bulge booklet I decided to go back and have a look at the issue I bought.

Here is the cool thing. At the end of the magazine is a page called the Fox Hole. Here the owners and reviewed the issue and updated as much of the history as they could. For example they mentioned that Panzerfaust magazine went on until 1984. The mentioned Gary Gygax’s gunfighter article would later spring Boothill from TSR and so on and so on.

To finish I bought this booklet on the Bulge and sure enough there is a recap history page in the back of the booklet.

I recommend gamers give this a look. The recap is priceless.

Chris Parker

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