13th Century Billmen New Release

From The Designer Medbury Miniatures

The October Historical Release contains 14, 13th century Billmen, suitable from the barons wars, Scottish war of independence, and potentially early 100 Years War.

All the miniatures hands are empty so you can use appropriate bills or pikes as well.

The first set is a simple captain and banner, the captain is dressed better than the rest and can be used to depict a noble or named character, the banner bearer has 2 options, first a modelled on banner, as well as a empty handed model to use as a pikemen/billmen.

The next set is 3 kits off 4 models each. Four at rest, 4 advancing, and 4 attacking, mostly dressed in gambeson with the odd chain elements and shirts all dressed in similar gear but no 2 are the same. These are sold in a 6 figure package of mixed figures.

Next month’s historical will likely focus on the Welsh contingent on both sides from the Scottish wars, both under Edward then on the side of the Scots.

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