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D-Day to Berlin WWII Rules

D-Day to Berlin is a fast playing game designed to recreate corps level battles of the Second World War, using miniatures to represent the combat battalions and counters to represent the supporting air and artillery assets.

Light Bobs Seven Years Wars Armies

This booklet includes units for the French and Indian War and The Seven Years War.


Day of Battle – Bundle

This special bundle gets you all of the Day of Battle rules, supplements and accessories at a huge savings.

Western Retainer Sheet

This downloadable sheet will give you all the common and special retainers for Western Domains in a printable form.

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Day of Battle

Anatoli’s Game Room

Day of Battle Review

Day of Battle is a wargame designed for medieval battles made up of unit blocks of 28 or 15mm scale miniatures and uses a mix of D6 dice and regular playing cards for the core game play mechanics as well as the classic (although initiative based) IGOUGO framework which is divided into several sub phases for each players turn. It also features a heavy emphasis on the personalities leading armies and mimics the medieval difficulties of raising armies which adds a lot of flavor to the rules.

Light Bobs

Forging a Nation V2

Light bobs review

The combination of his re-enacting experience and his brother’s writings led Parker away from his normal preference for large scale battles, to focusing on battles that involved not thousands, but hundreds of troops. Parker cites and his reading of Diary of the American War – A Hessian Journal by Captain Johann Ewald as a major inspiration for his rules. Ewald was a light infantry officer who fought in many engagements during the American War of Independence. Parker’s aim is to put the player into the role of leaders such as Ewald by having the player become a “Leader of Worth” (LOW).

D-Day to Berlin

Russ Lockwood

D-Day to berlin Review

I had looked at this rule set back in the beta test phase, when it used a d10 instead of the d6s in this released version. Back then, DDtB used the same battalion per stand structure across battlefield squares (zones) as it does now. I see how it has been improved in the interim period. For now, consider my comments a first look.