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"The Knights Round Table"


Attending Carnage 26

I will be attending Carnage 26 in late October.  I will have an information booth with samples in exchange for an e-mail address.  It will be un-manned. I will also be running 4 miniatures events. Read more…

Fall 2023 Big Fall Sale

Fall 2023 Big Fall Sale Sale good until the end of September. Limit one sale per customer. Use code Fall2023 at check out Hits: 78

Medbury Dwarves

New Dwarves From Medbury miniatures LOTR Dwarf Gur-Adur Commanders LOTR Dwarf Saphire Ridges Commanders LOTR Dwarf Gur-Adur Mtd. Clibanarii LOTR Dwarf Gur-Adur Foot Clibanarii Hits: 48

Dark Ages Vendel Era Miniatures

Dark Ages Vendel Era Miniatures From Medbury miniatures Dark Ages – Vendel Era Armoured Casualties Dark Ages – Unarmoured Vendel Era Warriors With Spears 3 Dark Ages – Vendel Era Warriors Kneeling With Spears Dark Read more…

German Panzergrenadier training film

German Panzergrenadier training film This German PanzerGranadier film, is one of the few surviving training films from the nation during WW2. A film like this, would be to show new recruits, a more basic understanding Read more…