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Day of Battle Medieval Warfare Miniatures Rules

Day of Battle Medieval Warfare Miniatures Rules

Day of BattleThe game mechanisms in Day of Battle are designed to give a game that has the feeling of the period, not just the battle. Like most published games of the past and present, Day of Battle: the Middle Ages can be played as standalone game where players setup a game, have a great time and then pack up and move on. To gamers just starting out in the hobby this is great, but it isn’t too long before they yearn for a campaign. In a campaign game you can truly prove who you are and how good you can be. Ah, but campaigns can be a black hole.

Day of Battle attempts to satisfy the desire to play in a campaign but does it in an easy and enjoyable way. As mentioned earlier, you are a general referred to as a Warlord. Borrowing from our role-play cousins, your Warlord has a number of skills and attributes that make him who he is on the battlefield. During the actual battle you acquire honor points whenever you perform actions appropriate to your Warlord. At the end of the battle, win or lose, you total up your honor points and turn them into skill points.

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D-Day to Berlin Corps Level WWII Wargame Rules

D-Day to Berlin

D-Day to BerlinD-Day to Berlin is a fast-playing game designed to recreate corps level battles of the Second World War, using miniatures to represent the combat battalions and counters to represent the supporting air and artillery.

As a general commanding one or more Divisions, you must decide how to make the best use of your battalions, detachments, and supports to fulfill your assigned objectives.  The game is designed to give a sense and feel of the war at this level of operation and still be a fast and fun game.

Living Rules

When you pre-order this rules set you will be entitled to future updates at no cost to you.  When a new update is released you will receive an e-mail with a link to the download.

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Light Bobs Skirmish Wargame Rules for the American Revolution

Light Bobs

Light BobsLight Bobs provides a wargame based on small companies led by individual officers during the American Revolution. The rules are named after the nickname given to the British Light Infantry in the period.

The rules are written to simulate battalion level combat where hundreds, rather than thousands, of soldiers are deployed. This is larger than an individual skirmish, but below a brigade or multiple battalion action. The game is for two players using 25 or 40 mm figures. Each player commands 4 to 6 companies of 4 to 12 figures and is represented on the table by a special leader figure.


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Crusader Warfare Supplement

Crusader Warfare

Crusader Warfare is the latest Day of Battle – the Middle Ages supplement covering the period 950AD to 1400AD.  Full color front and back covers, 46 pages within, retail $20.00

Included in this source book are 19 new Domains, 1 revised Domain and 4 new maps for our medieval campaign system Dynasty (which is also included).  Though a copy of Day of Battle – the Middle Ages is recommended readers may easily convert these Domains and the campaign system for use with other rule sets.  Each crusade has a short history to create the feel for the period.  The Baltic Crusade contains an actual timeline to give the reader a better grasp of this often overlooked series of wars.

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Crusader Warfare Covers

    • The Reconquista
    • The Baltic or Northern Crusade
    • The Albergensian Crusade
    • The Crusades

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Norman Conquests Supplement

Norman Conquests

Norman ConquestsDay of Battle – the Norman Conquests supplement  book is for Day of Battle – the Middle Ages and includes…

    • New rules
    • Official new and modified Domains
    • Rules clarifications
    • Multiple campaigns

To use this source book a player will need a copy of Day of Battle – the Middle Ages.

With modifications most of the information provided here can be me used for most other game systems. Such modifications are left up to the reader.
The information within this sourcebook as well as the main rules is not set in stone. Players may agree to change any rules that they don’t think quite fit in with their playing style or view of history.

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