Crusader Warfare

Crusader Warfare is the latest Day of Battle – the Middle Ages supplement covering the period 950AD to 1400AD.  Full color front and back covers, 46 pages within, retail $20.00

Included in this source book are 19 new Domains, 1 revised Domain and 4 new maps for our medieval campaign system Dynasty (which is also included).  Though a copy of Day of Battle – the Middle Ages is recommended readers may easily convert these Domains and the campaign system for use with other rule sets.  Each crusade has a short history to create the feel for the period.  The Baltic Crusade contains an actual timeline to give the reader a better grasp of this often overlooked series of wars.

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Crusader Warfare Covers

    • The Reconquista
    • The Baltic or Northern Crusade
    • The Albergensian Crusade
    • The Crusades

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