Light Bobs

Light Bobs

Light Bobs Wargame Rules for the American Revolution

Light Bobs provides a wargame during the American Revolution. The rules are named after the nickname given to the British Light Infantry in the period.

The rules are written to simulate wing or brigade level action.

Chris Parker GamesThe game is for two or more players.  Each player  is represented on the table by a special leader figure.  Action is fast and sharp with companies of mixed arms and varying morale types.

There are detailed army lists covering the four theaters of the American Revolution: Boston, Saratoga, the Mid­-Atlantic States and the South. The lists, used in combination with the army creation rules, allow players to move from one theater to another, fighting actions with different types of armies. For example, an army in the Saratoga campaign looks entirely different from one in the South: the former has Indians but no mounted troops while the latter has mounted troops but no Indians.

Chris Parker Games - Light Bobs

British Infantry prepare to deliver a volley.



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