HMGS Historicon 2022: Back in Lancaster

by Russ Lockwood

Russ Lockwood

You could feel the excitement just entering the hotel lobby. Historicon was back in town and the 2022 attendees greeted old friends and met new ones with all the panache of a pre-pandemic convention. Games everywhere, projects described, dice rolled, and laughter echoed off the walls as Historicon strutted back into Lancaster at the downtown Lancaster Convention Center (LCC).
Remember, HMGS held Historicon 2021 in November at Valley Forge, and kudos for doing so with all the iffiness of a then coronavirus surge. I certainly enjoyed the masked-up convention. Historicon 2022 had no convention-wide mask requirements. Personal and GM preference, of course, but with games spaced out and the air conditioning thankfully on full blast, HMGS and the LCC made it as safe as you could ask for.
The real question? What to see and do first…
The answer: Dealer area

Dealer Area

The usual whiplash occurred to me as I reconned the aisles. Go here, go there. No, over here. Definitely there. Hmmm. What’s this? Of course I ended up chatting with dealers and attendees as the hours on Thursday melted away faster than an ice cream cone outside the LCC.
For those that weren’t at Hcon, the temperatures flared into the high 90s and touched 101 degrees on Saturday as I drove home. The LCC air conditioning never faltered.
I’ll come back to the Dealer Hall later, but for now, let’s head to the gaming areas.

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