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40mm Seven Years War Cavalry

I just wanted to mention to my readers (thank you) that I am now printing figures commercially.  Well sort of but not in great quantities.

Elegoo 3d Printer

Elegoo 3d Printer

As such I have decided to focus on 40mm miniatures (what?) YAWN.

I know, I know – most people have no interest in this scale but since I have the scale, thought I would start to print up miniatures that no one else in the US is making.  So there is the key right there.  That no one else makes in the US.

As far as I know Chris at Sash and Saber is the only 40mm manufacturer in the US.  Yes there is Irregular Miniatures (42mm) and Perry Miniatures in England and Triguard Miniatures Down Under but I can’t think of anybody else in the US.

So I have released into my Shop a number of troops that you can’t get in the US.

40mm Medieval Crossbows

40mm Medieval Crossbows

and more >>>

Prussian Infantry

40mm Seven Years War Prussian Grenadiers

I am also selling painted miniatures and games.  These are mostly from my collection right now but as I go to shows I will be picking up more and more items to lest here.

Painted Miniatures

40mm Seven Years War Painted Miniatures

Fear not, this will not turn into a retail only operation.  I will continue to support and release games and scenarios in the future, it is my passion.

Questions, drop me a note:)

See you all at Huzzah and HMGS Fall In cheers

Chris Parker

Chris Parker in Tricorne

Chris Parker





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