We have had a wonderful start.  So far in June we have printed over 38 orders.

I wish to thank my friends Art and Mark for helping me get started.


Elegoo 3d Printer

Elegoo 3d Printer


Now I realize that the majority of the readers of this Blog “The Knights Round Table” are probably not interested in Print on Demand or POD for short.

But for those that are interested or just mildly curious I wanted to send out our terms and policies.

First though I wanted to share an e-mail I received today from the contact form on the website.  I will with hold his full name and e-mail address.


FROM – Name
Stuart &&*()__


What is on your mind?

I’m thinking about ordering some of the miniatures and have three questions.

1) Do I need to order the shields separately or do the one with shields in the pics come with the shields and the shield options are for extra shields should I need them?

If there are shields in the pictures then they are included in the order. I usually print up extra heads and shields to cover the occasional error in printing.
I pass along the extras at no cost. I don’t recall an option for extra shields but if it is there than that is correct.

Kite Shields

2) Are there Spanish Visigothic non-command cavalry available?

The company only makes this set however I could create one with one sword man and two lances if that would work for you.

I will set that up after I send this reply. The image will be same but labeled as cavalry.


Visigothic Spanish

Pelayo Visigothic Spanish

3) The Saxon foot come with a banner bearer. If I ordered multiple sets, could I specify one (or more) sets not include the BB and just have another random Saxon figure?

Let me set up a foot only item as well. That will save you some time and keep the chance for error down.

Saxon Foot-1


So as you the reader can see with communication I can adjust these prints anyway the customer likes.


Delivery Time
We try our best to turn around every order with 72 hours. More often it is under 48 hours.

Shipping Costs

In some cases the cost of shipping exceeds the cost added to your order.  In such a case if the difference is over $1 we will send you a request for payment via PayPal.

Print on Demand
Everything is printed to order and is always available, we don’t run out of stock!

Some assembly is required (usually hands and heads must be attached).

We’ve listed prices for 28mm and 40mm scales.  We can do 15mm but it would take a little extra time for us to get you a quote.

High Resolution Resin
All of our products are printed with High Resolution Resin for detail and toughness.  Resin which is in a liquid state is then printed and rendered into hard plastic using Ultra Violet light.

All POD models are sold unpainted. Many do not have bases.  While some of these poses can stand on their own users can use a wooden type base or just glue them right to their game stand. The pictures of our models are actual prints.

POD products are only available for 16 and older only, Our products are not toys in the literal sense (though to most of us they are).  They do however contain small parts which may be a choking hazard.

Thank You

Chris Parker
Day of Battle Games and POD

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