Russ Lockwood’s Wargame After Action Report

Russ as the Lion of Stockton

Russ as the Lion of Stockton


Hope your summer has been entertaining. A little of everything this issue as we head into the fall.


Spawned Ambition: American Revolution
Danube Crisis 1809: Snappy Nappy Day Campaign
Monmouth Battlefield: An American Rev Visit
New Wargame: Battle of Stoney Creek 1813
Fields of Glory: Fantasy Campaign Rules and Battle
Waterloo: The Lucky French Star
The Guard Speaks: Waterloo
Waterloo Redeux: 208 Years Later

Space Base: Eurogame
Triple the Light Fantastic
Five for Fighting

   Make The Jump to Light Speed 

Antietam and the Cornfield: Photos
Road to Independence: AWI Wargame
Hussite War Wargame: Blind Faith Map

Books I’ve Read

German Fighters of the Great War: Vol. 1
Retreat Through the Rhone Valley: Aug-Sep 1944
Mysteries of the Norman Conquest: Events of 1066
The Tagus Campaign of 1809: Alliance in Jeopardy
The Talavera Campaign: 1809
The Second World War Illustrated: Fourth Year
The Second World War Illustrated: Fifth Year
Operation Allied Force: Air War Serbia 1999 V.2
The Winter War: 1939-40
Roman Mail and Scale Armour: Elite 252
Military Dogs of World War II
90 Years of the Indian Air Force: Asia at War 30
Sturmgeschutz-Abt. 226: WWII Photobook 24
WW2 Vehicles: Through the Lens 1
Operation Black Buck 1982: Air Campaign 37
The Air War at Sea in the Second World War
Black Tulip: Life and Myth of Erich Hartmann
Villers-Bocage: Operation Perch 1944
Minutegirls (Sci-fi novel)
El Salvador: Vol 2 1984-1992 (LatinAmer War 34)
Basic Guide to Modelling
Single Model 02: Stalinetz S-65 City Tractor
Single Model 03: Sazabi Custom (Mecha)
Solomons Air War: Vol 1 – Guadalcanal 1942
Pacific Profiles: Vol 9 – P-38s 1942-1944
1805: Tsar Alexander’s First War w/ Napoleon
Dropping the Atomic Bomb on Hirohito and Hitler
The First Atomic Bomb: Alternate History WWII
British Interwar Aircraft
First Bridge Too Far: Primosole Bridge 1943
Ottoman Armies 1820-1914: Men At Arms 551
The Cimbrian War 113-101BC: Campaign 393
Nazi UFOs: Legends and Myths of Flying Saucers


Fall-In 2023: Nov. 3-5, 2023

Southern Front Convention: Sept. 15-17, 2023


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