Wooden – 3-2-1 Sabot Bases

What is this you are probably asking yourself?  Well a few years ago right after Lion Rampant from Opsrey Books came out a gamer developed what has come to be referred to as the “1,2,3 basing system (3-2-1).  In the image below I only have 10 Norman infantry done up at the moment.  I leave the hole in the back blank.  If I was playing i would drop in the empty 30mm disc to show the figures had not been lost as casualties.

3-2-1 Bases

3-2-1 Bases

You can visit his original 3,2,1 blog post here >>>

I got pretty heavily into the Lion Rampant (LR) games even so far as basing my 40mm Medieval Army to them .  The printed basing system is to mount your individual figures on 1″ stands.  I used this system when I was playing with my 40mm troops.  Eventually i moved down in scale to 28mm figures and adopted this basing system.  I also used it for my American Revolution rules “Light Bobs”.

3-2-1 Bases

3-2-1 Bases

This certainly made moving the figures easier and the over all look was visually gratifying, at least to me.  Over time though I stopped playing LR and returned to my own Day of Battle rules set which in all fairness to LR was army based not skirmish based..  However there were occasions when I wanted to still play LR but my Day of Battle troops were based on single stands, 120mm wide by 40mm to 80mm deep.  I was kind of stuck.

At this time I created a new set of armies for my Light Bobs rules in 28mm and here too I used the 3-2-1 basing system.  I found moving, storing and transporting the miniatures to be tough.  The smaller 25mm and 30mm bases slid all over the boxes I stored them in and it was impossible to organize them.  I wrote about them in my Green Dragoon post.

I Thought A Sabot Would Be Great

I decided to see if I could have a base or sabot as it is called made in the same size as my Day of battle bases.  I contacted my base manufacturer and sure enough he came through.   By the way the term “sabot” refers to a larger base used to move smaller bases on”.

Now I can take my LR based 28’s and place them on a 3-2-1 sabot and use them for Day of battle.  When it comes time to store them or travel with them the sabot keeps them secure with minimal rolling around.

A Win Win For Me

This is a win for me and maybe you.  I am selling them in pairs of sets so you get 2 tops, 2 bottoms, 12 round bases (25mm, 30mm and 40mm) for $4.50 plus $1.99 shipping within the CONUS. 

3-2-1 Wooden Sabot Bases

3-2-1 Wooden Sabot Bases

Order Some Today

Inventory is limited but I have another order on the way.  Back orders that you approve will be sent out A.S.A.P.

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