City Guard With Spears

Soldiers of Gondor

Yes another LOTR category called “Soldiers of Gondor”.  This one is simulating the army of Gondor.  This includes not only the defenders of Minus Tirith but the Rangers of Ithilien too.  More are on the way. These are available in 28mm and 40mm as well as 54mm on demand 🙂 Read more…

Fell Kingdom Trolls

Creatures & Smallfolk

I have added some monsters which I am calling “Creatures” and set of “Smallfolk Archers” which are meant to be Hobbits. So far the Creatures include Zombies, Trolls and Wights. These are all available in 28mm and 40mm.   Hits: 38

October Medievals

Some new releases for October from Medbury Miniatures.

Here is a sneak preview of some amazing new miniatures from Medbury Miniatures coming in October. These will of course be available in 28mm, 40mm and yes 54mm. All weapons are separate 4 billmen/Spearmen/Pikemen at rest 4 billmen/Spearmen/Pikemen advancing 4 billmen/Spearmen/Pikemen attacking 2 Command, 1 leader 1 banner (banner depicted is Read more…