The Elves Are Here

The Elves are now in stock and join our other fantasy lines of Dwarves and Orcs.

As with all our miniature lines these are available in 28mm and 40mm.

Turn around is 24 to 48 hours.

My favorite in this line is the Moose with Saddle.  Hmm where is Rocky :

From the Designer

“For all intents and Purposes the Elves of Gwyrdgalas Were and still are Wood Elves, however after an age of Isolation and persistence to not interfere with the goings on off the world very little is known about their culture, royalty or population. It is said they maintain some Trade with Neighboring Villages of men who likely don’t get a fair deal for their goods. The name of the elven King isn’t known to the Broader World. For 100s of years their realm in the expansive forest off Gwyrdgalas is silent. However when the orcs or other foul creatures become too Bold or numerous the King Rides out with His Knights and retainers to cleanse the Forest. Well armoured they are as the elves are great smiths. The king is said to wield 2 Swords and the old Stories say he rides a Great Majestic Beast, other than a Horse and with Great Antlers…”

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