A Resin Printer In The House

40mm Artillery

40mm Artillery

I have invested in a Elegoo Mars 2 Pro Resin printer

This is a great starter printer and pretty easy to work.

My first product is a  40mm Horse and Musket Artillery piece.

It is a resin 40mm artillery piece cast in a light weight resin-plastic.

Color is a light gray and can be primed and painted.

A great compliment to your American Revolution, Seven Years War or Napoleonic 40mm armies at a great price.

Gallery images show the resin piece beside a caisson of a major 40mm manufacturer.  another image shows our piece with two 40mm Austrian gunners from the same well know manufacturer.

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I plan on offering all the vehicles in sets for my D-Day to Berlin Divisions starting with the Eastern Front.

1:144 Panther

I will offer them in 1:144th scale which is 12mm.

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