Knighthood, LOTR and 40mm Orcs

I realize the header is a bit cryptic.

I have started writing a new battle set of Medieval and LOTR rules to be called Knighthood and The Middle Ages II.

I am probably going hex based for movement.  I will take most of the rules from Day of Battle but leave out all the campaign and Warlord sections.

I am really getting excited about doing some LOTR armies as I can now print them up.  As many of you who know me I have a fondness, well addiction really to 40mm.  So how could I resist doing an Orc army in this scale.  I also picked up some Army Painter Speed Paints and am having a lot of fun using them.

As I am starting fresh on this collection I am basing them on 120mm wide by 60mm deep bases.  In the middle of the back I am gluing a 1/2″  x 60mm metal band that I can place magnetic markers on.  These markers will indicate morale, armored, trained etc.

I have 6 units and a leader done so far.  My intent is to triple that for a big battle.  I may have a demo game at the Huzzah Convention in Portland Maine in the late spring.




LOTR – Orc Leader – 28/40/54mm

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