Mixing Scales in D-Day to Berlin

I know this is sacrilegious but I am thinking of using 10-12mm Armor with my 15mm infantry!!!

The Heck You Say?

I currently have 15mm but yearn for an even wider front so to speak.

I was wondering if any of you game in 10-12mm scales at this time and if so what brands you use for your armies and whom do you buy them from?

What I am really thinking of doing is going with 10-12mm armor with 15mm infantry.

Any thoughts on how much smaller a 10-12mm say tiger is to a 15mm tiger?

Comments can be directed to me via the contact form and I will be happy to share them with updates to this blog post.

Here is one company I have found Magister Militum

Thanks – Sir Chris

1:144 Panther

1:144 Panther

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