AAR Fall In Convention Report

I wanted to get this out in time for the Thanksgiving holiday, just in case you find yourself with some free time and free from turkey tryptophan. Whether or not you’re celebrating the holiday, I wish you all a marvelous season of gaming. Enjoy.

Russ Lockwood

Russ as the Lion of Stockton

Russ as the Lion of Stockton

About Russ Lockwood

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Books I’ve Read

The Battle of Pharsalus: 48 BC
Anson: Royal Navy Commander 1697-1762
F8F Bearcat: Legends of Warfare
Siege Warfare: During the Hundred Years War
SR-71 Blackbird: Legends of Warfare
Luftwaffe Eagle: WWII German Airman’s Story
Forgotten War: Brits vs Japan 1941-1945
Fighting From the Heavens: USAAF Bombers
Frogman Stories: Seal Team
Armour of Hitler’s Allies: Images of War
SS Dutch, Belgian and Danish: Images of War
Medieval Indian Armies 2: 7-16 Cent. MAA 552
P-39 Airacobra: Legends of Warfare
F-15 Eagle: Legends of Warfare
M-26 Pershing: Legends of Warfare
Boeing YC-14: Legends of Warfare
Luftwaffe Fighter Pilot: Defending the Reich
Bletchley Park Codebreakers: Their Own Words
The Western Dunkirk Corridor 1940: Battleground
Allied Air Operations 1939-1940: France BeNeLux
Valentine Tank vs. Panzer III: N. Afr. Duel 132
F4F Wildcat: S. Pacific 1942-43 Dogfight 9
A6M2/3 Zero: New Guinea-Solomons 1942 Dogfight 10
Harrier GR 7/9 Units in Combat: Combat Aircraft 151
Operation Pedestal 1942: Malta Lifeline – Campaign 394
Federation World (sci-fi novel)
Dykstra’s War (sci-fi novel)
On Eastern Front at 17: Red Army Soldier Memoir
Alfa Romeo: An Illustrated History 1910-2020
Inside Formula 1: 1950-2022 Photography
Eyes on the Enemy: WWII US Military Intel
Clearing the Way: WWII US Engineers
The Battle of Castillon 1453: Retinue to Regt 21
US Navy Fighting Ships: Volume 3 — 1883-2019 Cruisers


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