Russ Lockwood’s AAR Wargaming Report


Spring sprung with a variety of early flowers blooming,

but if April showers bring May flowers,

here’s the March AAR for a rainy day. A bit more of variety this month:

Live Free Or Die Roll: American Revolution

 King For A Year: War of the Roses

Pursue and Destroy
Crown Attained
Herding Cats

Space Base Binge: Eurogaming
Binge Base I: Space Base Quartet
Binge Base II: Space Base Highlights
You Win!!! Space Base Victory
Space Base: Grace Under Pressure

Blitzkrieg Stalled: Arras Counterattack 1940

Romanitas: Vae Victis Issue 173

NASA RPG: Hubble Telescope MIA
LeeCon II: NJ Game Day – May 18, 2024
New Wargame: The 1941 US Army Maneuvers
New Wargame: 1940 Invasion of Iceland
Fall In 2023: Show Report
New Wargame: Cities of the Damned
Back In Print: Hyperspace Hack

Books I’ve Read

The Samurai Castle Master: Todo Takatora
Tuskegee Airmen: Dogfighting LW and Jim Crow
Armies of the Crimean War: 1853-1856
Philippines Naval Campaign 1944-45: Campaign 399
A Prisoner of Stalin: Luftwaffe Pilot 1944-45
Clean Sweep: VIII Fighter Command 1943-1945
Staff Cars In Germany WW2: Vol. 3
Tenth Army Commander: WWII S. B. Buckner jr
The Third Macedonian War: Battle of Pydna
Hitler’s Last Days: Fuhrerbunker & Beyond
Sniping Rifles: War Against Japan 1941-45
WWII Grossdeutschland Division: Elite 255
PZL-104 Wilga 35A: Single No. 46
PZL-104 Wilga 35A Military: Single No. 47
M111 Heavy Motorcycle: Single Vehicle No. 09
Strong in Will: Working for US Embassy 1939-45
The Destroyer USS Kidd: Anatomy of a Ship
The Convoy: HG-76 December 1941
Tokyo 1944-45: Air Campaign 40
Saab 35 Draken: Duke Hawkins 31
End of the Spanish Civil War: Alicante 1939
Polish Armoured Trains 1921-1939: Vol. 3
Hitler’s Henchmen: Nazi Executioners
Napoleon’s Cavalry, Artillery, and Technical Corps
Gallipoli Sniper: Life of Billy Sing


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