AARs of Wargaming: Snappy Nappy

A Happy Halloween to all. Here’s the October 2023 AAR in all its gaming goodness — A little heavy on Napoleonic miniatures this issue, but with a dose of EuroGames, Card Games, News, and Book Reviews. Enjoy!

Russ as the Lion of Stockton

Russ as the Lion of Stockton


1809 Bavaria: Snappy Nappy SnapCon IX
Austrian Archduke Charles: Snappy Nappy Lessons
An Austrian Accolade
A GM Thank You


EuroGame-A-Palooza: Steve’s Game Day
Scout: The Card Game
Space Base: Four-Player Game
Space Base: Seven-Player Game
New York Zoo: Needs Ergonomics
The Quacks of Quedlinburg: Brew Baby Brew
Fit To Print: Animal Newspaper Layout


On My Mind: Journalism Games
Historicon 2023: Game Master Awards
HMGS Fall In! 2023: November 3 – 5, 2023

Snappy Nappy: Waterloo For Kids and Parents


New Wargame: Galahad’s Ordeal – Myitkyina 1944
PR News: 3D Printed Minis In Color: TimeStrike
News: Hussite War and WWII Air Strike:
Blind Faith and Infamy Avenged: Wargames
Correction: Malayan vs. Malaysian

Sokolnitz at Austerlitz: A Pain In The Flank

   Shako Recap: Another Brick In The Wall
Scenario Soufflé: Allied Complaints
Cavalry Conundrum: Allied Debate
Austro-Russian Command: Perfect History


SimCity Cards: Do You Need a Computer?
Naval War: Sink or Swim


Books I’ve Read


Dreamland: Secret History of Area 51
Desert Armour: Tank Warfare in N. Africa V2
With My Shield: Army Ranger in Somalia
Argentine Perspectives on Falklands War
Thirteen Roman Defeats: Legion Disasters
Korea 1950-53. Air Campaign 39
Allied Warships vs Atlantic Wall: Duel 128
Anglo-Saxon Kings and Warlords: Elite 253
Putin Takes Crimea 2014: Raid 59
Pacific Profiles Vol Seven: C-47 Transports
Pacific Profiles Vol Eight: IJN Floatplanes
White Sun War: Campaign for Taiwan (novel)
Loyalty First: Life of Charles A. Willoughby
US Army Ford M8 and M20 Armored Cars
Tanks at the Iron Curtain 1975-90 (NV323)
With Raupenschlepper Ost: WWII East Front
Mistress of the Waves (sci-fi novel)
USN Gun Destroyers 1945-1988: New Vangd 322
Jap. Infman vs USMC Rifleman 1943-44: Cmbt 75
Sunderland vs U-Boat 1943-1944: Duel 130
The Last Coin (novel)
Operation Ro-Go 1943: Air Campaign 41

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