An Interview With Dick Bryant

Recently I was watching some YouTube videos on Historicon 2023.  I hadn’t been able to go but wanted to see what it was like.


All the reviews and comments I had seen were favorable.

While searching I stumbled across a great interview of my friend Dick Bryant done by Little  Wars TV.


I first met Dick around 1974 when I discovered the original Courier magazine.  The gaming group he was in was  called NEWA (New England Wargaming Association).  Their club was at his home in Brocton Mass.  I was invited to go down on occasion to play a game.  At that point I was hooked on “1944” by Arnold Hendricks.  The grand father of Command Decision and many others.


Original Courier Magazine

Here is a review of that version >>>>

The club later went on to publish a full color version.

The New Courier Magazine

Don Perrin now offers them all for download from the Wargame Vault >>>>

Here is a link showing all the covers. >>>>

Dicks current wargame club is called The Kingston Irregulars. >>>>

Finally one of my favorite pictures of Dick and his lovely bride when they got married.

My how young they look 🙂

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